Jason Carne

Evgeny Grinko

One of today’s finest modern composers, Evgeny Grinko hails from Russia and has a gorgeous, cinematic sound to his music that would be just as fitting for the screen as it is the stage. Evgeny approached me with the concept of making his album art into Victorian era storybook of sorts – you know the type, those beautiful embossed cloth boards with gilded titles and borders – something right in my sweet spot.

Initially this project started out just as the front cover for a digital release, but after a bit of discussion we decided that for this to feel complete and like the real deal that it had to be pressed to vinyl. The project then expanded to include a back cover for the vinyl jacket that matched the aesthetic of the front and to come up with some center labels for the wax itself. These are currently in production and should be available for order sometime this summer in 2019.

Artboard 1@3x.png